A batch of the organic industrial hemp strain WHITE WHALE flowers were produced with care, and it's essential oils extracted with CRYO-ETHANOL to bring about a very vibrant, very clean, and tremendously nutritive full-spectrum strain specific phytocannabinoid (CBX) resin formulated into an organic sativa essential cold pressed seed carrier oil CAMELINA GOLD. 

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Well Oiled sources our carrier oil exclusively from Olde World Oils ( an organic certified farm that processes their seed oils by cold pressing, retaining several key nutrients that are lost with other solvent based extractions and free of residuals. Ole World Oils Nutritional information.

Consumer feedback of our formulas is extremely positive and we are now thrilled to offer a true Strain Specific essential oil formula that provide nutritive benefits from two non-psychotropic phytocannabinoids (CBX). CANNABIGEROL (CBG), CANNABIDIOL (CBD), and CANNABICHROMENE (CBC), sesquiterpene FARNESENE, monocyclic sesquiterpene alcohol BISABOLOL, and sesquiterpene alcohol GUAIOL and bicyclic sesquiterpene Beta CARYOPHYLLENE. 

Each 30ml bottle contains 325 mg of CBX, 21 mg total terpenes, and 2,100 mg of Omega 3,6,9.

Each recommended dose is a full 1ml dropper that contains 10 mg of CBG, 1 mg of CBD, 500 mcg of CBC, 700 mcg total terpenes, 35 mg omega 3, 17 mg omega 6, 17 mg omega 9 long chain fatty acids, and 1.25 mg vitamin E (1.16 mg Gamma Tocopherol).

Well Oiled offers advanced analytics from Steep Hill Laboratories for each of our products.

May 2019

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