GI NETICS arranged a Super Strain parentage of Super Lemon Plasma GI crossed with our Grape Plasma OG to manifest the Original Melly Nova.  Melly Nova takes her own sweet time flowering (75-90 days), so… we paired this ultra valuable medicinal strain with our Mendo Express* male.  With THC-a results +30%, and our highest     concentration of Limonene, at 62% of total terpinoids, this new GI Sativa strain offers calming medicine for PTSD, and Stress related issues.  Other potential therapeutic uses include Cancer, Anxiety, Respiratory, COPD,  Depression, Dementia, Autism, and Glaucoma.  Unchained Melodie GI is a multi-faceted gem, with show stopping aromatics and chart topping medicinal values.  She now finishes for estimated harvest window in Oregon of Oct 10th to Oct 31st, indoor/light deprivation projection 65-80 days using organic soil practices.



GI created The Plasma Line to combine the finest OG cut of OG Rascal’s Grand Fire OG with a few selected cutting only females we collected over years of Genetic strain research.  Super Lemon Plasma GI is one of a trio of unbelievable Lemony OG GI phenotypes.  We crossed her with our Mendo Express* male to produce the      Terpenator Tea Tree GI. TTT GI is a knock down Pain reliever and is rich in Terpinolene, THC-a, and is also high CBX.  The resin is greasy to the touch, and incorporates Limon Blues with OG thump.  This strain can be therapeutic for Cancer, Seizure, Autism, and offers Anti-Fungal, and Analgesic benefits.  TTT GI has dense flower structure and grows to medium (6’ to 10’) height outdoor in Oregon finishing for harvest estimates of Oct 15th to Oct 31st.  Indoor/Light Deprivation flowering projection 65-75 days using organic soil practices.



Of Legends is born Silverback Loco Motive GI. GI NETICS sourced the very best Oregon Trinity cut, andOregon TrainWreck phenotype Black Train Wreck from Fire on the Mountain Farm’s Justin, and crossed her with our Grape Ape (the white cut) creating the Blackened Ape Train GI strain that we have now crossed into our Mendo Express* male. Our goal was to pass along the very rich CBG cannabigerol values that are of great medicinal worth. Cannabigerol can re-generate cells and is the Stem Cannabinoid and a very rare commodity as a Neurogenic agent.  SilverBack Loco Motive GI has an Earthy palate that invites your senses to the medicine.  Therapeutic values for Brain Injury, Spinal Injury, Cancer, Osteoporosis, and Dystrophy’s.  SBLM GI is climate tolerant to zones 5 and 6 and harvest window outdoor in Oregon is estimated Oct 7th to 21st,  indoor/ light deprivation estimate is 65 to 75 days using organic soil practices.



GI sourced the finest cut of the famous Super Lemon Haze from Greenhouse seeds, and crossed the lengthy 85 day flowering Sativa with our Mendo Express* male.  The resulting Lemonade Terpenator GI Sativa Hybrid has a profound Lemony Citrus Zest flavor profile fit for the Cannasseur palate. Rich in Terpinoline, high in CBD-a and THC-a rich, this strain can be therapeutic for Cancer,  Heart Disease, Spasticity, Seizure, PTSD, and Anxiety.  Lemonade Terpenator GI will harvest Oct 15th to Oct 31st. Our indoor/ light deprivation flowering estimate is 65 to 80 days using organic soil practices.



Sour Daddy BioFuel GI is a select phenotype from Rez Dog’s Sour Diesel IBL crossed with OG Rascal’s Grand Fire OG.  GI introduced SDBF GI to our Mendo Express* male to create an OG heavy Sativa dominant Hybrid that is   uber medicinal. Gasoline Purps GI can be effective for Osteoporosis, Seizure, Auto-immune therapies, Anxiety, Pain, and Cancer.  A Med-Tall (6 to 12”) heavy yielding plant, she requires trellising to maintain structural integrity as the flowers mature.  Beautiful burgundy hues with tight flower formation highlight the Aesthetic, with the palate assaulted by the Gas Monkey.  The Mango Diesel flavor will coat your throat. Outdoor Oregon harvest projection window is Oct 1-15th. Indoor/ light deprivation flowering estimate is 60-70 days using organic soil practices.


GI NETICS backcrossed Rez Dog’s infamous Sour Diesel IBL for gender stability and found our higher viscosity Sour Dog Biofuel BX2 GI. We then combined the new backcross with our Mendo Express* male to shorten Sour Diesels long season sativa flowering profile to allow for outdoor cultivation in Oregon zones 5 and 6. Slick oily blue frosted flowers are flavored with Peppered Diesel thickness. Rich in Pinene and Caryophyllene, Coal Trained GI can be Neuro-protective, promote a healthy digestive tract, provide neuropathic pain relief, and is anti-tumor. Coal Trained GI is Med-Tall (6’ to 12”) finishing outdoor in Oregon Oct 5th to Oct 21st, indoor/ light deprivation flowering projection 60 to 70 days using organic soil practices, heavy yield.