Cannabis Processing is a huge area to offer consulting and we personally are happy to be able to field most any area of challenge your enterprise is facing.  We are most versed in solvent-less and solvent-free processing and consider processing to be anything from removing plants from the garden or field to removing resin from the plant materials.  Processing also comprises of bringing the resins into carrier oils for bio-availability and topical application.  The world of edibles also has it's roots in processing the plant, resin, and knowing how to alchemize it in a consistent way to arrive at the desired result.  

We are experienced with craft and scaled processing schemes as well as singular and vertical-ized systems.  We have also spent time helping highly scaled systems become more efficient with our time helping Dept of Ag licensees and their extractors arrive at an agreeable process and outcome for CBD resins for human ingestion.  

We ask a 250$ Deposit for a 45 minute ZOOM video conferencing interview and your group can take the time to scout our professionalism and experience.  When you purchase this consulting package, a survey is included to prime us for our conference.  Many discoveries can happen in a short period of time when the people with answers are open handed.  

The list below is extensive, but not exhaustive, please contact us if you are unsure if we are able to help:

Processing for craft consumables (Hashish, Connoisseurship)

Production for creating resin for craft consumables, for ingestible tinctures, foods, topicals, and inhalants.  

Processing for scaled outdoor hemp (low THC) and sensimilla cannabis in dried or freshly chopped condition.  

Processing for specific nutrient extraction including terpene, compound, and isolate combination.  

Please call for additional processing consulting options. 

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