Cannabis ingestibles consist of anything nutritional, medicinal, therapeutic, or even taken for fun.  We have a long history of providing one of the most bio-available ingestible tinctures within the cannabis medicinal sphere and we are not close-handed with the practices we keep.  

We are poised to help with any challenge that comes up with bringing cannabinoids into ingestible products.  This is a very sophisticated, yet fun side to cannabis that requires a tremendous amount of responsbility on the part of the ingestible maker when it comes to dealing with decarboxilated THC.  We are ready to educate you, your organization about how to make a product that is effective, but 100% safe because it's acidic.  

We ask for a $250 deposit that comes with a detailed survey that allows us to understand the nature of your challenge, and we offer a 45 minute Zoom video conference where you team can ask questions and gain a feel for our expertise and ability to communicate solutions.  

The list below is extensive, but not exhaustive, if you do not see your area of challenge below, simply call or email directly and inquire:

Ingestibles consulting for animals, humans, children, or specialty applications.  

Ingestibles consulting on nutrient uptake, nutrient availability, and nutrient emulsion of carrier oils and nutritive efficacy of ongoing ingestion.  

Ingestibles consulting on sourcing of materials and processing of resins, plants, and building a process chain for consistent nutrient extraction, processing, and infusion into ingestible products.  

Ingestible consulting on niche food applications and using whole plant, partial plant, and unique combinations of plant constituents to create consistent ingestible products for niche applications - creating new applications based on nutrient accessibility.**

Please call for additional areas of consulting posibility.  

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